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by ubhie
July 30, 2014 • 28 Enchanted • reblog →

Eleanor Calder - Hair Evolution


happy 4th anniversary to our boys!


marvel’s got movies planned out for the next fourteen years god damn i don’t even know what i’m going to be doing in an hour…


People are going to push, push, and push Harry until he isn’t nice anymore, and when that happens it’s going to be so awful and it’s going to be all the fans’ fault. DO NOT STALK HIM. BE POLITE. MIND YOUR DAMN MANNERS. LEARN, COMPREHEND, AND PRACTICE PERSONAL BOUNDARIES. STALKING IS ILLEGAL AND DOESN’T BECOME NOT ILLEGAL WHEN THE PERSON IS FAMOUS.

zayn walking harley (nov 2013)


we have a sub in us history and he said “i have to take attendance, if i mispronounce your name it’s because i dont care”


All Time Low- A Love Like War [Watch]